5:172 Tired

This week I am putting in extra hours at the shop because it is Gen Con week and the boss is there instead of at the shop. Normally I work Wednesday and Saturday, but this week I’ve added Thursday and Friday to that list, rounding me out at 18 hours. Now that is not a lot of work, not by a long shot, but it has been somewhat ridiculous because we’ve been unusually busy.  Tonight we were at capacity. Last night I started making food as soon as we opened and I didn’t step away from the grill until about an hour before the kitchen was supposed to close, and even then, it was just enough time to step over to the sink and wash dishes in between more sandwiches. Part of the uptick is large groups (with reservations) coming in, and part of it is students being back on campus. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

5:171 Internships and Internet

One thing that’s rough about being an online grad student is that your academic community isn’t the same as you would have as an in-person student. Nearly all opportunities are aimed at the on-campus student, so an online student has to make their own thing happen. Which is hard because there isn’t much out there that isn’t already affiliated with a university, which means a better chance for those students. Today there was an internship opportunity emailed to me, and while it probably has in-person students in mind, I am totally applying for it. It has the ability to be mostly remote with some face-to-face time needed. If I make it to the interview stage, I’ll figure that part out then.

5:170 Disposed Of

Today I decided to track my  Birchbox because it hadn’t arrived yet. In Arizona it would take forever, but in Indiana it has moved fairly quickly. I saw on the Birchbox tracking that box had been refused. Confused, I went to the USPS site where an alert on the tracking number advised me that the box had been “disposed of.” What? What does that even mean? I still don’t know, because I haven’t been able to find any reputable sources (like the USPS site) explaining what this means. I tried calling the USPS 1800 number, but I literally spent more than half an hour arguing with the system trying to get to a real person. I never made it. Then I tried the number for the local post office, and it was busy every time I called. And I called probably 20 times today. I think the phone was off the hook. It was insane. So tomorrow I’m going to try and go to the post office and see if I can figure out what the heck is going on.

5:169 New Foster

Yesterday we got a new foster dog. His name is Shag, and he is a 3 year old brindle boy. Unfortunately, he has made a few attempts at living up to his name that my boys did not appreciate. As such, everyone has to be muzzled when he is out of the kennel, which annoys all of them. While he hasn’t made any unwanted advances today, there still have been a few growling moments. I’m hopeful that after he gets neutered things will calm down. Other than that, he doesn’t always love being in his kennel, and he cried throughout the night. I’ve been wearing (and profusely sweating in) a sweatshirt today, so hopefully it will help when I throw that in the kennel tonight. He seems to be sweet and happy-go-lucky, so he’s going to make a nice addition to someone’s home.

5:168 So Close

I’ve spent the past several days working on my mock grant proposal. After tossing a bunch of it out, I’m so very close to being done.  I need less than 500 words to complete the paper, but I just. can’t. think. of. more. words. They are refusing to come. It’s like my head is saying, “lol, close enough,” and then playing Yakety Sax on repeat. I think I need another set of eyes on it, or, at the very least, a break from staring at it since I’m getting nowhere fast.

5:167 Cast Iron

Today we bought a cast iron pan. Prior to this, we didn’t have something that could go from the stove top into the oven, and that had cut from my list some recipes I wanted to try. At first I wasn’t sure we’d be able to get a pan that was small enough to fit in our toaster oven but large enough to be useful, but we did! Plus, cast iron works on our portable induction cook top, so it can be used there too. We did go with the Food Network brand, so it wasn’t a super nice one, but it did fit our budget (and was on sale!) so it’s a win I’m excited to play with.

5:166 Motivation Fail

I’ve been struggling with the mock grant proposal I need to write for one of my classes. It’s 30% of my grade, and it’s bee fighting me the whole way. Yesterday, I realized that some of the stuff that was keeping me from figuring out how to pull it off I didn’t need to worry about because I had misremembered my own proposal (good job me!). But, that meant I needed to throw out 80% of what I had written (which was pretty much garbage anyway). Today I set a goal for myself: hit 1500 words and I could take a break to make myself some sort of baked goodness. And I did it! I hit the word goal (though I actually feel very close to done now, but am only halfway through the word count, so that’s a different issue). I decided to make chai cookies. And I failed miserably. The cookies just spread into a giant gooey mess. I ended up pressing the remaining batter into the pan like some sort of cookie bar, but it still didn’t turn out great. On the plus side, the chai season mix from the recipe was on point!